Saving to disk is buggy

I notice a strange behavior in version 0.10.1, but it’s been there for much longer – I just got around to reporting it now.

The problem is when I type a sentence, switch to a different app, and then switch back to Logseq, I find that the last few words of what I typed are missing. The words return if I click Cmd+Z. Occasionally, this happens while I’m writing, as well, i.e. the last few words I typed disappear.

This issue is causing problems with Logseq Sync service. When I have the sync turned on, I will sometimes get conflict reports indicating the version on the disk is different from the version on the cloud – and the version on the cloud is almost always is the correct version.

I’m not using any backup services, like Dropbox. My graph files live on my Desktop.

So, to sum up, there is a bug in Logseq, and it shows up when the program is writing the file to disk.