SCHEDULED & DEADLINE won't go away

I can’t seem to get rid of the SCHEDULED & DEADLINE query through config.edn.

I tried setting the “Disable the journal’s built-in ‘Scheduled tasks and deadlines’ query.” to true but it doesn’t work. I just updated to 0.10.3 and still no change. I’ve tried setting the defaults to 0 days but no difference. What am I missing?


Could you share the relevant parts of your config.edn file?

In Settings > Custom Configuration (not Global), I have:

 ;; Disable the journal's built-in 'Scheduled tasks and deadlines' query.
 ;; Default value: false
 :feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true

and that turns off the built-in S&D query. I’m using 0.10.3 as well.

I have my own custom S&D query I use instead.

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I tried changing the default to false so it looks just like your setup. Makes no difference.

You need to remove the two semicolons ;; from the line 78.


Indeed. Thanks! Can’t see any warning about how this works. I wonder if a comment at the top as an FYI would be appropriate.

It would probably help non-technical users to have all of the settings uncommented and set to their default values initially in the config.edn file – and an explanatory paragraph at the top saying that lines starting with ; (semicolon) are comments, and the actual settings begin with : (colon).

That way users can just change the settings easily without needing to understand what EDN is as a format.

@blob634d Because ;; indicates a comment, changing the Default value: line won’t do anything (as you discovered).


Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea EDN was a format!

See edn-format/edn: Extensible Data Notation ( and Learn edn in Y Minutes ( for more information on the EDN format.

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