Scroll "backward" and "forward" in Journal/DNP

I would love to be able to more quickly scroll down on the journals page to get to past notes. A small but nice feature in Roam is that the previous daily notes pop open when you hover over the bottom of the screen, and then you can scroll

screenshot_2021-11-30 at 16.55.18

It would also be awesome (although probably a bit more complicated) to be able to scroll “forward” to daily note pages that have been created for dates in the future. This would be nice to quickly glance at things that are coming up without having to click around to navigate to each future date individually. The “journals calendar” plugin is helpful to make it a bit quicker, but scrolling would be even better IMO.

This has been implemented.
you can use g n for the next journal page and g p for the previous page. It’s also possible to use ctrl + [ & ctrl + ] to go backwards and forward between pages you recently visited.