Scrolling position jumps unexpectedly when folding/unfolding a container

This is about foldable divs whose content itself is foldable, and when the page is longer than the window. If I fold/unfold such a container after I folded/unfolded its content, the scrolling position jumps up/down, disrupting my reading focus.

Suppose “Linked References” contains some block with children blocks. I read the children, and close them off by folding the parent block. Then, when I fold “Linked References” to close off the parent, the page jumps down to the bottom; when I unfold it to see the blocks again, the page jumps up (to somewhere not necessarily the top or middle) rather than keeping its position so that I may read/scroll on from where I’ve clicked the arrow in the window.

This occurs in both #main-content and #right-sidebar, in 0.4.4 and at least a few of the previous versions.

The behavior stops after I once manually scroll the page to the top: folding/unfolding the containers (such as “Linked References”) no longer causes the page to shift up/down, unless I fold/unfold the embeded blocks again.

I understand that the page would naturally appear jumping to the bottom when I fold a bottom container if its bottom margin/padding is smaller than its content height, but I don’t expect it to jump upward when I unfold any container: the content should always open/expand only downward from where I’ve clicked.