Search by block ref ID

I like to copy the block ref and paste into other non-Logseq files or notetaking tools so that I know what I want to refer back to in Logseq. It would be very convenient to be able to paste a Logseq block ref ID into the search to find it again.

For example, suppose I have a document in my word processor about, I don’t know, dogs. In Logseq I might have some notes on Terriers. I want to paste the block ref ID (e.g. 71843603-12f-4bd3-8242-967d1e24996d) into the word processor document so that later I can copy that ID and find it again in Logseq.

My problem is that pasting the ID into the Logseq search currently does not show any results. I need to put that ID into a page in order to track it down again.

I agree. As an advance user, it would be an great feature.

I’m not sure when this happened but I just tried to search by block ref ID and now Logseq is showing me results. I’m on version 0.6.1.

If I paste a block ref ID into the search, Logseq shows me the original block, others that embed it, as well as any block that merely has that ref ID in it (even if it’s just the ID itself without linking).

This is great!