Search by block ref ID

I like to copy the block ref and paste into other non-Logseq files or notetaking tools so that I know what I want to refer back to in Logseq. It would be very convenient to be able to paste a Logseq block ref ID into the search to find it again.

For example, suppose I have a document in my word processor about, I don’t know, dogs. In Logseq I might have some notes on Terriers. I want to paste the block ref ID (e.g. 71843603-12f-4bd3-8242-967d1e24996d) into the word processor document so that later I can copy that ID and find it again in Logseq.

My problem is that pasting the ID into the Logseq search currently does not show any results. I need to put that ID into a page in order to track it down again.

I agree. As an advance user, it would be an great feature.