Search fails to find text present on lazy-loaded pages

I have several very long pages in my vault. Not realizing at first that these pages were being lazy-loaded, I was puzzled when I got zero results on a search for text I knew for a fact to be present on that page. The same search succeeds once I’ve scrolled down far enough for the relevant piece of text to be rendered.

I’m thinking the search needs to be directed not to the cache of text already rendered, but rather to whatever cache contains the full text of that page. Any successful search ought then to force the page to get rendered at least to that point.

Alternatively, a link could be added to the bottom of lazy-loaded pages allowing the user to request that the whole page be rendered. I see a couple of references on this feature request suggesting that such a feature once used to exist (a “scroll to bottom” button). But I can’t see any such button in the most recent MacOS (Intel) version. In any case, this solution isn’t as good as the first, because users unaware of the lazy load feature and who fail to click the scroll to bottom button might incorrectly conclude that the text for which they’re searching simply isn’t present on that page.

This is a valid request.
For now, you could use Ctrl + Shift + K which is the shortcut for in-page search.