Search in help page

Why logseq have no such function?
Difficult to find key word in help pages

Search in the current page: ctrl+shift+k
Also, if you open search, you have the option of flipping the switch at the right-top of the page, which will change the scope of the search to current page.

But it looks more like “database search”, regular “jump and highlight” is more useful for search in page, at least because of context

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and no, it does not work when I’m trying to find keyword in help page (Keyboard shortcuts for example)

I’ve longed for a “jump and highlight” version of this as well

Oh, I see what you mean. I just tried it on the help page, and no good. You are right - it is limited to the db, and doesn’t search external pages, such as the Help pages. That’s too bad. A searchable Help would be much more helpful. :unamused:

I don’t know if this might help: I just copied/pasted the entire keyboard shortcuts page into my own page, and then I can search in it. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

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We’re planning to add search to help pages (most notably the keyboard shortcuts page).

If you have other suggestions to improve Logseq, please vote for an existing proposal in #feature-requests or start a new request yourself. When you open a feature request, please be as precise as possible in describing the desired functionality and what you hope to achieve with it.

P.S. I’ve changed the post title to “Search in help page” as that better describes the question.

I hope not only in help pages. I would like to have such search in my pages too (“jump and highlight” version)

I’ve heard some team members mention that as well, so it’s likely that would be added across Logseq.

I’m curious, though: how would something similar to Ctrl-f (Cmd-f on Mac) on web pages be different from the current on-page search that Logseq currently has with Ctrl-Shift-k (Cmd-Shift-k on Mac)?

no, “jump and highlight” version of current-page-search

Got it. I’ll forward your feedback to the engineers.


Another workaround for keyboard commands that is not ideal, but might help: if you use the command pallete (Ctrl+Shift+p or Cmd+Shift+p), it is searchable.

Without context and results hoping, but well at least something

The Vim shortcuts plug-in offers search in page similar to a browser.

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This should already be possible now that this feature has been released:

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such much search :grinning: thx!