Search query syntax does not work anymore

This syntax does not work anymore:

{:title [:h3  "Word search — case insensitive"]
[:find (pull ?b [*])
:in $ ?input
[(str "(?i)" ?input) ?pattern]
[?b :block/content ?c]
[(re-pattern ?pattern) ?q]
[(re-find ?q ?c)]]
:inputs ["mysearchterm"]

It used to work till recently. I am on version 0.10.1 (75).

I’m also using 0.10.1 and it’s working fine.
What do you mean with not working? e.g no result, error, …

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Welcome to the forum, Maarten.

Sorry, I was not clear. I meant is says “No matched result” when I know the term is there.

For others to properly test it, please provide both:

  • the exact search term
  • an example block that should match

Any word or combination of words will do as the search term. In other words, add the code I gave above and search for any word you have in your graph.

As already stated, it works normally, it brings the results.

Right so that means the issue is on my side, yet another one.