Search stuck on current page only

The search was working properly with CMD+U searching the entire graph, but now when I do CMD+U it goes to search current page and I can’t seem to find a way back to search the graph. Keyboard shortcuts have not changed. I am using the Mac app. Thanks

Same here. I’m on windows. When I search the current page (shift-ctrl-u), ctrl-u will not search through the pages and I need to restart Logseq.

Additionally: When done the above mentioned stepts, also ‘searching the current page’ seems to be broken. I’ve tested this with searching for content on the current page I’m sure should be there. But Logseq only provided me with creating a new page… while not showing any search result.


I had the same effect (don’t know what caused it) and had to stop and restart Logseq. Now everything works as before. (desktop app 0.2.3 on windows PC)

Restarting the app did fix it (although it didn’t the first time), but I can repro this everytime so it seems to be a bug. When I do a CMD + Shift + U it gets stuck in page search and I can’t get back to the primary search until I restart the app.

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I have the impression that the bug / unexpected behaviour is now gone (also, its mentioned in the changelog). As always, super fast and: Thanks to the developers!

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You’re welcome and thank you for the confirmation! Yes, this bug was fixed.