Searching for a query that sort all the properties and their values in a table


I wanna be able to review all the property I created and the values I had to them.
I believe it’s possible because basically when I type :: it is what logseq does.

On the forum I have found that query :

:query [
    :find ?prop
      [?b :block/properties ?prop]
:view(fn [rows] (for
    [prop (sort (distinct (flatten (map keys rows))))]
    [:div (clojure.string/replace-first (str prop) ":" "") ]))

But I end up with a list (not a table) of all properties, including the one created natively by logseq and without their values.

Does someone knows how to do it ?

@Siferiax ?

Thanks in advance

Yeah that’s what that query does.

Please refer to my answer here

As well as the topic here

That’s the best I can offer with my knowledge.

Yes, it’s what I was afraid of as I have already read this two topics.

But thank you anyway, very kind of you to took time to direct me.