Seeking Advice: A page vs. A page with block collections

Let me use my book note as an example.

So now I’m reading a book “why we’re polarized.” I make notes while reading. Here I can do it both ways.

  1. I create a dedicated page with pre-determined structure. Everytime I read the book, I open that page and put down the notes.
  2. I put down all notes in the Journal on the day I read it. I will of course have a page and I will tag that page in the Journal. If I clicked my tag/page, I will see all my notes collected from all blocks from the Journal.

So the dilemma here is that I want to keep track on the date and be able to go back to review the Journals (with the notes I took that day). But when those note blocks were collected, they are not very structured. I can’t organize them in chapters.

But if I use a page with pre-determined chapter structure. I sort of lost the whole purpose of the Journal design here (which I like) .

Any thought?


Example-unstructured but collected from Journal