Select a word with a long press

The ability to select a word with a long press, which I beleive is a feature built in to iPadOS/iOS, would be really useful. I see no reason to disable it in the iPad/iPhone app.

Not actually an iOS feature. It’s double tap and it works in Logseq.
In Android it is actually long press and that works in Logseq as well.

A long press (or double-tap) to select a word (when the cursor is elsewhere) suffices in Safari, Mail, Notes…

In Logseq for iPad, I have to long press or double-tap once, which puts the cursor at the end of the tapped word, then double-tap to select the word.

Also, when I double-tap to select (when I forget that it doesn’t work), the cursor, as rendered on screen, often becomes displaced from the actual text insertion point (I have submitted a bug report for this).

You first select a block (single tap, brings up the keyboard), to go into edit mode. Then you can double tap to select any word within that block.

Yes. A double-tap to select a word does work if the cursor is in the same block as the selected word, but not if it is in a different block.

I have a hardware keyboard, so I should not need to tap to ‘bring up the keyboard’

Anyway, thanks for explaining!

That’s because you edit on a per block basis. Think of each block as a seperate note. Tapping on a block to edit it will always be needed before your text editing and thus selecting words, works.

It’s to go to edit mode. Which brings up the keyboard if no hardware keyboard is attached. I don’t have one. Just tried to be complete in my explanation of what I meant with edit mode.

Thanks again, useful to know.

By the way, when Logseq is not full screen, double-tapping or long pressing a word (in edit mode) to select it does not work. You have to tap the word, which places the cursor at the end of the word, then repeatedly use shift-left arrow key until the whole word is selected.

:astonished: I don’t have an iPad that can do that :joy: (I’m assuming you mean with stage manager or whatever it is called)
In Split View it still works for me.

I think you found the answer I was looking for. I turned off Stage Manager. All the annoyances I’ve mentioned magically disappeared. Let’s hope Apple don’t keep moving the goalposts (literally).

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