Selecting nextcloud folder from android Error: cannot support this directory type

Not sure if it is a bug, not implemented or a problem on my side (like ssl certification) but using the nextcloud folder in logseq android doesn’t work for me.

same problem here, and my Nextcloud’s TLS is working fine.

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I’ve been able to kinda work with it but there’s a problem with the way Nextcloud sync its files on Android. It doesn’t seem to work the same way as on desktop.

That being said, here’s a way to be able to at least view the logseq dataset. Instead of selecting the Nextcloud drive, use the folder where Nextcloud syncs its data. First, sync the logseq folder from the Nextcloud client. Then open logseq and select the synced folder. For me, this was in folder android/media/user@nextcloud/...

Be careful using this. I have no idea if this may corrupt Nextcloud’s sync. I’ve been able to transfer data from there, but adding a new page didn’t work very well. I think I would need to upload the file from where it is and I believe it would put it at root instead of at the right location (haven’t tried). It doesn’t seem to sync new files in the synced folder.

Also, I might be using the Nextcloud sync wrong, maybe there’s a better way to use it.


I found a better way using FolderSync. Simply use 2 way sync with logseq folder on nextcloud account and add a 5 minutes sync intervals. It also works with Synchronise Ultimate. I don’t know if one is better than another, I went for FolderSync because of a random claim I found that FolderSync is faster. Both aren’t open source, it would be great to find an open source alternative.