Selection back to inside text

When dragging the cursor around to change the selection area from inside a block, once the area exceeds the block, it won’t come back in to change for the content text strings, and the origin of the selection within that content becomes lost. This is inconvenient: Sometimes when I want to select only a portion of the content text, I accidentally drag it out of the block, and then I would have to re-place the caret into the text where I had dragged it out from.

I would like selection dragging to be continuous across the content text boundary, so that we can seemlessly drag the selection area out of and back into textarea.

I have no votes left - but: yes, yes, yes :+1:

Yep. I was going to submit this yesterday, but forgot.

It could be just a small nuisance, but it happens so often that it gets on my nerves.