Selection in list of search results has a conflict between mouse pointer and up/down keys

(v0.2.10, Windows, desktop)

If you start the search and the list of search results opens, the element that “coincidentally” lies under the mouse pointer (if the mouse pointer is in this area) is selected. Even if you want to go through the hit list with the up/down keys, you seem to start at this preselected element.

In addition, the mouse pointer interferes with scrolling through the hit list because new elements are always selected by the mouse pointer and thus get stuck in the hit list.

When searching, if the mouse is anywhere in the zone of the search result pane, the result under the pointer gets selected.

Consequently, using down does not select the first entry of the results (which is the most relevant) but does one down the result selected because of the mouse pointer.

This is a UX bug :wink:

Correct behavior should be that the mouse position is ignored until moved and that the first (most relevant) result is highlighted by default.

Thanks for reporting this. It annoyed me almost every day, but apparently not enough to find the time to report it :wink:


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It’s been bugging me every day as well.

I just noticed that I already HAVE reported that problem here:

Maybe someone can merge our to request.

Just merged - thanks for the head up!

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