Semi-automatic Resolution of "Page already exists with another file"

Would be great that if the following issue appears, one only needs to confirm that the error will be solved (and in which way, including or overring etc.)


If this is already somewhere else, please redirect and/or include.

I saw hundreds of these messages when I upgraded to the latest Android version. I had no idea what the “error message” actually meant. It took almost 20 minutes to dismiss all of them - one at a time - clicking the “X”. There didn’t seem to be any data issues - just a lot of wasted time dismissing the messages.

So if someone could explain why these messages appeared - and what message they intended to convey - I’d appreciate it. :grinning:


These messages tell you that there are duplicate Pages in the system. AFAIK there are multiple reasons for this to occur.

  • For Journaling pages, the issue supposedly is in something preventing the recognition of already present pages or a syncing issue, that then creates pages that are not yet there, but then turn up when sync is happening properly. (I am so much looking forward to a fast and platform- agnostic syncing solution!)
  • The other issue is when the same page is found in two different locations (which for me is the most common one). I currently have no clue why exactly these occur out of the blue, but the certainly do.

That’s as far as I understand that one. For me, these always show up when I am reindexing my db. A dialog with a preview of both files in question and an option to nuke one would be much more of a help than the current one.

Thank you for the info. I think, for me, the lack of centralized, detailed system documentation leads to many of these “unknown” occurrences in various areas of Logseq. I suppose these frequent (and seemingly random oddities) are part of the Beta testing process. It just makes things quite confusing.

The odd thing in this most recent case was that there was no “sync” involved. No files had changed. There were no duplicates. The app was working fine. I upgraded versions (per the info on Discord) and immediately had hundreds of these messages.

But, THANKS again for the info. Every time such issues get discussed, I become a little more comfortable that it’s just a “growing pain” of the new product and not another thing that I’ve uniquely screwed up. :grinning:

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So with you with that sentiment! It is way better not to be alone with these things, as we are struggling with both this new paradigm of dealing with information as well as the rough edges of LogSeq at the same time. It can feel a little daunting at times.

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Just to save some time to another poor soul that faces this like me.

title:: Foo is a reserved property that will false-flag duplicate pages. My new “person template” had title:: on it and it was a lot of pain to figure this out. Changing it to job_title:: solved all my issues :stuck_out_tongue: