Sentry and Privacy

Hello everyone, I just started using logseq and I love it.

I noticed that every time I open a note, a request to sentry is sent with a huge payload, always containing the path to the note file, which contains my username and the title of what I’m writing about.

Is there a way to disable it? Basically Sentry knows all the notes titles, tags, etc of all the users.
Is there already something in development to avoid this?

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you can turn off analytics in settings. You can access settings through the three dot menu.

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Thank you very much, it worked after turning it off, and restarting.

I think it should be explained to the user at the first start.
The homepage says Logseq is a privacy-first..., but by default it’s leaking a huge amount of personal data, with note titles, tags, and usernames already linked.