Privacy of Logseq and Logseq Terms of Use

First, I would like to express my gratitude to the authors of Logseq, it is such a pleasure to use!

If I understand correctly, Logseq promotes itself as a “privacy-first platform” which among other things could mean that the user can store all files locally without ever uploading (or allowing to upload) those files to any servers or clouds.

However, a quick run of Microsoft Network Monitor right after Logseq is launched demonstrates some network activity performed by Logseq.exe:

(redacted for privacy)

The network activity log of Logseq shows that Logseq:

  • Sends requests to Cloudflare (Content Delivery Network).

  • Sends requests to which is a an app monitoring platform (this apparently can be disabled with a switch in Advanced settings with a confusing name “Send usage data and diagnostics to Logseq”).

  • Sends requests to Amazon AWS.

  • Sends requests to some private IP addresses that cannot be identified (of this I am not 100% sure about).

So, for a user(s) that wishes to keep all the files offline and to use Logseq in a business/corporate environment with certain compliance rules, what would be the answers to the following questions:

  • Does Logseq send any user-generated content (Markdown files, images, etc.) to its servers or any third-party servers? How can Logseq prove that it does not?

  • Is there any way to download a binary (Windows, Mac, Linux or Android) and verify that is was built from the officially published source code?

  • In case a user wants to ask some questions about the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Logseq, which company can they contact? Who is the owner(s) of the company? So far I have been able to find only a @gmail address as the only contact point.

  • Does Logseq plan to order an independent external security audit sometime in the future?

Thank you!


Also, its important that performing literally any network activity without direct command from user (as all those connections with “Send usage data and diagnostics to Logseq” disabled) does not allow the app to be called “privacy-first” as it does on it’s welcome page.

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