"setting Zotero data directory would allow you to open the file in Logseq"

When I make a reference in Logseq through zotero I get the following message:

“This is a Zotero imported file, setting Zotero data directory would allow you to open the file in Logseq”

Couldn’t find what “setting zotero data directly” means and I how I do that.

Thanks for your help!

So, Zotero has two important directories. The data directory, which is sort of its home folder which stores all the bibliographic data of your references. This will usually be in your root directory, such as /Users//Zotero. Then there’s the Linked Attachment Base Directory. This is where any attachments to your references, such as PDFs, live. If you have Zotero store your PDFs directly, you don’t need this setting. This is only if you store them elsewhere and have Zotero link to them.

In Logseq, you need to go into your settings, then click Editor, then Zotero settings.

The data directory is near the bottom of that page. It will usually be /Users//Zotero. If your PDFs aren’t stored directly in Zotero, you’ll need to set your Linked Attachment Base Directory.

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