Shortcut for adding new block on current page (focused or unfocused)

It looks to me like going to home page and adding a new block in the end is the most common action in Logseq which should deserve a shortcut. Currently I need to press down arrow multiple times in order to go to the last block and then press Enter two times to add a new block.

It’s not that easy and intuitive even using mouse. Maybe it would be good to have Enter to add a new block when page is unfocused, which currently does nothing, or have a common key for both focused and unfocused modes, maybe Cmd-Shift-Enter.

Try the plugin logseq-quick-add-plugin. It can do the following with shortcuts:

  • Add a parent block to the end of the current page
  • Add a sibling block before or after the current block
  • Add a child block to the current block

It could be unset by default, but a shortcut to jump to a new, empty block at the end of the current journal would definitely help a number of workflows.