Shortcut for creating a block below the current one

I constantly do this:

  1. Edit a block of text.
  2. Want to add a block below
  3. Press enter and accidentally move half the current block into a new block
  4. Panic and try to fix it.

A shortcut, such as alt+enter that just adds a block below the current one would be great.
A shortcut to add a block indented below the current would be great as well. Say ctrl+enter.
Even just adding them ass an optional user definable shortcut.

Thanks for all your great work :slight_smile:

try to press t e while you’re NOT in edit mode (press esc or click outside of the text, in the margin). a small A should appear in the top enter shoudl not split your block, alt+anter will.
(read help section > Toggle Enter/Alt+Enter for inserting new block : t e)

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Thanks for the tip, but this isn’t what i was talking about. That allows making newlines within the current block enter instead of shift+enter.
I was asking for a way to shift the cursor to a new block below the current one regardless of the position within the current block. EG:
The cursor position is represented by “|”

  • this is a block, i made an edit here->|<- there is more content after
    If I press enter I get this:
  • this is a block, i made an edit here->
  • |<- there is more content after
    I want a command that does this:
  • this is a block, i made an edit here-><- there is more content after
  • |

I often find myself getting stuck in the middle of large blocks and having to annoyingly move to the end just to make a new one below.

oh sorry, yes alt+enter would be useful indeed! def faster than ctrl+end , arrowD, enter ! :slight_smile: voted

I have already voted, but I would like to reinforce the request.

I am also quite often in this situation and would really like to have such a shortcut (actually both: one for a new block below on the same level and one for an indented sub-block). I know this from other outliners and find it really useful.

Just a note: I use ALT+enter to cyle through the status of TODOs so I haven chosen CTRL+SHIFT+enter :wink:

BUT: currently it doesn’t work to extend the already existing shortcut …
:shortcuts {:editor/new-block ["enter" "ctrl+shift+enter"], ...}

I thought that maybe “enter” would still work as before but CTRL+SHIFT+enter might always create a new block - but it does not.

In retrospect, this is not really a big surprise - but I thought it was worth a try.

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This seems to be a VERY OLD request adn, two years later, it still doesn’t look like there was important progress in this area. The frictionless capturing of data lacks in Logseq a lot because of this inability to:

  1. Two Operations : Click to Select Block instead of Click to go straight to Edit Mode, then, after Click to Select, use a SHORTCUT to Create New Block under the selected one (and, maybe, a shortcut for creating above). In the current implementation, Ctrl+Click selects Block but still a shortcut to create New Block without going to Edit Mode is not present;

  2. One Mouse Operation : Hover the mouse in between two blocks, (+) button appears on screen just like with creating a new block at the end of the journal, you click on it and new block/bullet is created there;

  1. One Keyboard + Mouse Operation :Ctrl+Click on a Bullet will open a new Bullet below and will focus on it (zoom on it);

One other useful option would be to have an “always-On” area in the Contents Sidebar that you can click in and start writing right away. When you exit Edit Mode in that area, it moves the Block below and the Area Remains empty for a fresh quick Capture:

PS: I can turn this into a NEW Feature Request if needed.


custom.js workaround: Keyboard shortcuts: Create block {before, after} current block at same indentation level