Shortcut for New Window gone?


I’m just upgraded to version 0.10.7 and at least in Linux the shortcut to open a new window (I think I used Ctrl + Shift + N) is no longer opening a new window.

I searched the keyboard shortcuts for an “Open new window” one or similar but no luck. It was very useful to spawn a new window when your workflow is based on handling several graphs at the same time.

Do I miss something?



Try Shift + click on the desired graph, in the Switch to menu.


Yes, that worked, it’s quite convenient at the time. I tend to use the “All graphs” page most of the times to switch graphs, however, and there it doesn’t work (I have quite a large number of graphs).

I reverted to 0.10.6 to take a look at the shortcuts and there wasn’t an “Open new window” either. I’m thinking that the Ctrl + Shift + N might be a Debian + Gnome feature, but it is not since it doesn’t work with all apps, so it must be a Logseq feature, right?

In any case, I think that was a feature that was very useful, and just remarking it in case the new release deactivated it by mistake somehow (I’m not in Logseq development, sorry).

Ideally there should be a shortcut to launch a new window, and, as a separate, rather popular thread here somewhere discuss, a more streamlined, shortcut-based way to switch graphs will be a major boost in workflows where several graphs are used.

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Same for macOS. The new window functionality is gone. Hope that it will get fixed.

I’m still facing same issue
Sonoma 14.4
Logseq 0.10.7

Thanks for the tip Mentaloid.

If you’re me, and you can’t find your “Switch to” graph, that’s because you’re only logged into one graph.

Left menu, click on your current graph, the menu will show as “Add New Graph / All graphs…”

Pick “Add new graph” - which I overlooked a number of times, assuming it was to create a new graph, which I obviously didn’t want. But it is actually “open new graph”. Navigate to the other graph file location, and it will open, and then the menu will start with the option “Switch to”.

THEN, shift-clicking to open in a new window works!

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