Shortcut for 'remind again next month' (increases date of current block to next month)

I have a filter for TODOs whose date is lower than now. I use it for reminders. I want to defer some TODOs without much typing:

When I press ‘Ctrl + 1’ the date of the currently selected block should be set to the first month of the year.
‘Ctrl + 2’ to [[01.02.22]] (second month)
‘Ctrl + 3’ to [[01.03.22]]
The year should stay the same or should be increased if the date would be in the past (e.g. pressing Ctrl + 1 just now would result in the date [[01.01.23]]).

The cursor or the row selection should then move to the next row of the query.

Furthermore something similar for weeks would be nice: ‘Alt + 1’ to set the date to ‘now plus one week’, ‘Alt + 2’ to set it to ‘now plus 2 weeks’ etc.
Optionally the date could automatically be aligned to always be e.g. a sunday. This way these weekly or bi-weekly reminders would be grouped and you would not have to check new reminders each day.

I asked for the same :). See discord: here, here.

More generally, customizable actions that the user can assign keyboard shortcuts to, to do these would be great:

  • “postpone scheduled date to <tomorrow/next week/next month>”
  • “postpone deadline date to <tomorrow/next week/next month>”

The customization could be done inside config.edn.