Shortcut(Hotkeys) for Youtube timestamp

I’m super excited for the newly added Youtube timestamp feature, however, currently it still feels a bit clumsy when using it because you have to first type in / then find youtube timestamp then click on it to trigger the stamp action, in total 3 steps.

Ideally when you are making a timestamp of a video, you would want to quickly stamp it at the exact moment of the video timeline, which requires fast action, therefore I think it makes sense to assign a set of hotkeys to trigger the Youtube Timestamp, in that case, all you need is step to create a timestamp, which will make this feature much more useful.

I hope this makes sense, if you have the same need, please upvote.

Hi! There is one:

  • for Mac cmd+shift+y;
  • for Windows: ctrl+shift+y.

If you would like to change it, there is a command for custom keyboard shortcuts:editor/insert-youtube-timestamp