Shortcut to collapse an outline to a specific depth level

I work a lot with Logseq, using outliner in a way I use MindMaps.
I really miss a shortcut(s) allowing me to focus on a given depth level of an outline.

At the moment we can:

  • use to to open all levels (clicked the second time roll backs to level 0)
  • use Cmd+up and ‘Cmd+down’ to roll up/down one level up/down

I suggest either adding a feature or creating a plugin, with shortcuts to view on a specified level.
“t1”: show only level 1 nodes (down from a current line level). Keep deeper nodes hidden
“t2”: show only level 1 and level 2 nodes (down from a current line level). Keep deeper nodes hidden
“t3”: show only level 1, level 2 and level 3 nodes, etc.

Another very powerful shortcut, inspired by older versions of Mind Manager, could be e.g. “tk” doing sth like:
“tk” clicked once: level 1
“tk” clicked twice: level 2
“tk” clicked three times: all levels (= current “to”)
“tk” clicked four times: roll back to level 0 (= current “to” clicked second time)

Many thanks for help: that solution would really improve my workflows, where I have even up to 8-levels deep outlines.


In older versions you where able to use CMD-UP and CMD-DOWN (with nothing being selected and not in edit-mode) to fold and open all levels at the same time. That was a very fast and pleasant way to navigate larager pages. That stopped about 0.8.2 or something …

See fold/unfold on levels (without content selected) does not work anymore / as before · Issue #6530 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

I do not like the T O shortcut either but it seems there is very little done to fix it.

Futher you are able to set the deepth of level when viewing linked references … You can do that in the settings in the config.edn file. It is around row 209. It is called :ref/default-open-blocks-level 1

Hope that helps a bit.

Thanks :slight_smile: It doesn’t solve the problem but is a useful tip.