Shortcut to open spaced repetition cards? Also, a filter?

  1. Is there a shortcut/hotkey to open the spaced repetition cards viewer?

    Right now, to get to this screen (below) you have to go to kebab in the top-left corner and click View Cards in the dropdown. This is a little cumbersome to do on a daily basis.

  2. Also, is there a way to filter cards that do/don’t have a particular tag on them? For example, if I only want to practice on cards with the #economics tag, how would I do that?

Sorry if you already know this, but in a bullet point, if you use / and select “cards”, the same option appear. To filter, there´s this tutorial, but I can´t make it work in my Logseq, but maybe you´ll have more luck:

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Thanks, thank link is exactly what I was looking for!

For others wondering, the shortcut to open cards is tc.

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