Shortcut to readily navigate to page bottom

I’ve got a handful of super long pages, and I’m so sick of having to manually scroll to page bottom
really need this feature😭

Strongly in support of this (fairly simple) request.

In the macOS context, this is a foundational shortcut key that operates across all software text inputs. The shortcut key for this in macOS is Command-Down Arrow. (The same should exist for going to the top of an input/page: Command-Up Arrow.)

Hopefully conforming to OS-level keyboard shortcut standards isn’t too much of an ask. Logseq does such a great job of helping you be efficient by keeping your hands on the keyboard. This is one I heavily rely on, and same as @c1ya0 this is particularly painful on super long pages (very common for me), especially when those pages include a lot of image embeds (I habitually drag screenshots into my notes, and there is a terrible edge case where if the cursor navigates away from the bottom of the page, one has to spend an eternity scrolling back down repeatedly, which triggers a reload of all of the images, which makes just getting back to the bottom really disruptive, especially if you’re in the middle of e.g. taking notes in a fast-moving meeting.

Thanks for all of your work!

PageUp/PageDown keys should just do what they do in every text editor I’ve ever used. Same for Ctrl + Home/End. Very strange this is not the case already.

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Up. Up. Up.

I pasted to logseq one page notes from other note app. It was about 170 pages of text in LO Writer. I hoped I would be able to edit it, create headings, links, etc. But to my surprise I can’t even go to the bottom of the page. Logseq became unresponsive.

I know that logseq is still in beta stage but this shortcut should be somewhere on a priority list. It is a very basic feature.

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Try this:

  • Click on the long page somewhere outside of all content (e.g. at the left of a bullet).
  • Then use keys Home and End to respectively navigate to the beginning and end of the currently loaded content.
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I agree the current method is clumsy and annoying. I like the way RemNote works. In windows, if you are in a block the 1st time you press ctrl+home you navigate to the beginning of the block ; the 2nd time you navigate to the top of the page. And vice versa for ctrl+end incrementally navigating toward the bottom of the page. That makes sense to me. I wouldn’t mind if the 2nd hotkey took you to the block’s parent then a 3rd hotkey took you to the top or bottom.

That’s a pretty good solution. But if this action should require more than 1 key presses it might be better to have a shortcut working out of edit mode. E.g. pressing esc and then gt (which currently takes you to tomorrow’s journal page) to go to the top. One of the plugins I use, probably the vim one, uses shift g for this action. Works as well.