Shortcuts for adding entry at end of today's journal


Is there a sequence to move to today’s journal and enter “text entry” mode at end of the day?

today I use (esc) + g h to get to the journal entry, but seems to need to run with a series of arrow down until end is reached when I press return to enter text mode. With many items this becomes a bit unergonomic.

Is it possibe to configure a shortcut to jump to last (empty) position at today and enter “entry mode”?

Many thanks


I found this post by searching for the same hotkey, for the same reason. :slight_smile:

When journal entries are long, it’s actually pretty error-prone because it takes a lot of scrolling to confirm that you’re actually on the right day.

If you’re using Logseq Desktop, you can use plugins to add this functionality. Searching for “quick” I found 4 possible solutions:

The Quick Add plugin by @vyleung looks especially good, seeing the possible settings:

Many thanks for all replies. I found that “Go Home Now!” plugin fits best my workflow, cltrl-G goes to today’s date and enters write mode in the end of it. Simple and functional!


This works well for me too, thanks!

In my opinion, this should become a native feature. These plugins are nice but the experience is a bit rough.

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