Shortcuts for different outline levels view


I work a lot with Logseq, using outliner in a way I use MindMaps.
I miss a shortcut(s) allowing me to focus on a given level of outline.

At the moment I know only “to”: clicked once opens all levels, clicked the second time roll backs to level 0.

I suggest to either add a feature, or create a plugin, with shortcuts to view on a specified level.
“t1”: only level 1 nodes
“t2”: up to level 2 nodes
“t3”: up to level 3, etc.

Another very powerful shortcut, inspired by older versions of Mind Manager, could be e.g. “tk” doing sth like:
“tk” clicked once: level 1
“tk” clicked twice: level 2
“tk” clicked three times: all levels (= current “to”)
“tk” clicked four times: roll back to level 0 (= current “to” clicked second time)

Many thanks for help, that solution would really improve my workflows :slight_smile: