Shortcuts for navigating to the bottom of a page

hey guys!

I’ve got a handful of super long notes, and I’m so sick of having to manually scroll down to the bottom every time I wanna add new points.

I’d tried using the “Block navigator” plugin, yet the “b e” shortcut somehow doesn’t work.
does anyone have a solution or other ways to help?
Really struggling and would be soooo thankful for your help!!!

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yes, I think nav to bottom is a must-have feature.

My experience is if you click on the link , Logseq always takes you to the bottom of the page , which is good for the writer , but if you are trying to publish a graph , you want quite the opposite . At least I don’t want the reader to scroll up to the top. Shouldn’t it be configurable ? or I am missing some setting being new to logseq !

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