Shorten long URL

Somtimes I want to capture long URLs. These fill up a large portion of the page with technical information which has little relevance. It would be great to have a setting to reduce long URLs when not editing the block containing the URL. One could specify how many characters are shown before the URL is truncated (dots could be used to indicate truncation)

I’m not sure if you’re referring to edit mode or not, but when you use markdown links ([title](url)), only the title is shown on preview. It can be as short as you like.

Does this help?


Thanks. Yes that is a useful tip.

And if you use something like e.g. the Chrome extension “Copy Title and Url as Markdown Style” it’s even easier to get a short an meaningful link.

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Thanks. I use Vivaldi, but as chromium browser, this would probably work.

It’s a neat way to shorten urls, but i think it would be neater to have an option to truncate url after x characters.