Show Brackets Under Settings Doesn't Work

I would like the brackets to show so I can easily see where to click on the link but the brackets don’t show. And when I have it turned on ctrl c ctrl b doesn’t work either. I’m left without brackets and bolded text and part of the code for the copied ref block showing as in [see highlight]).

I’ve done ctrl r doesn’t work. I use the desktop app and I tried closing out and opening up and doesn’t work.

Is this setting not working in general or am I not doing something right?

Do you have any custom css?

Can you also share a screenshot?

No, I don’t have any custom css. On the current theme I’m using, it’s doing this: Screenshot - 5b63187cadda1ba8e4a208b9fd2d9063 - Gyazo

Can you share what you see while in editing mode?

Here it is in edit mode:

that’s after using ctrl c ctrl b

The double brackets setting only works on [[square brackets]], which link to pages.

((double parenthesis)) are used for block references, which link to blocks.

This screenshot shows a link to a block. However, the syntax is wrong, as there should be no other characters between the closing ] of the label and the opening ( of the destination URI.

The correct syntax is:
[**see note**](((62ca0c02-1e22-42f6-9367- 3bbe3b51ceac)))