Show horizontal line without bulletpoint

The horizontal line (3 dashes in Markdowns, 5 dashes in Org-mode) could be rendered without the bullet point, similar with how it is implemented in journals’ home page.

How it works in a normal page:

How it works in home page:

Thanks for your request.

I too find those bullets “ugly”

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I don’t mind the bullet so much when a kind user get the <HR> line to be vertically centered on the bullet. This CSS fragment for custom.css does it for me. Adjust that 0.8 figure if necessary.

hr {
    margin: 0.8em;

I guess it is not possible to CSS style the bullet away in Logseq v0.3.0 since the bullet class and container used for the <HR> is the same as other bullets. Extract from the generated HTML for the bullet in front of the HR

<span id="dot-61087ece-610e-414d-b407-a7608c227a8d" draggable="true" blockid="61087ece-610e-414d-b407-a7608c227a8d" class="bullet-container cursor  ">
	<span blockid="61087ece-610e-414d-b407-a7608c227a8d" class="bullet"/>

I’m not sure if some CSS guru can make use of the blockid to CSS style the bullet away though. @cannibalox?

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afaik the id is not a constant so it would only work for one specific block.
if you’re only looking for a cleaner look, this horrible hack might do the trick:

hr {
    margin: -0.25rem -1.1rem;
    border-top: 20px solid var(--ls-primary-background-color);
    border-bottom: 1px solid var(--ls-border-color);

it basically hides the bullet under a fat border… ¯\_( ಠ_ಠ )_/¯


this hack is no longer useful as the feature has been implemented natively in latest logseq (0.3.2).
We can close the topic

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