Show linked reference on the sidebar

It would be great if there is an option to show linked reference on the side instead of at the bottom.

Currently it is kind of possible to do so by opening the same page with Shift-click. However, if you start typing in the same page, the linked reference on the side panel will shift together (as you are typing above it).

Hi @tdkr, thanks for reporting. Could you elaborate on why you want to see the linked reference on the side bar?

Thanks for your reply!

So one can write on the same note while reading the linked reference without the need to keep scrolling back and forth.

Also, it can eliminate the need to open the same page on the side panel (as if you do so and edit the note, the linked reference part will keep shifting).

I moved this discussion to the newly created UX/UI category.

Yeah, I think the right sidebar is like a general space for secondary stuff. What about allowing users to customize it freely (using queries)?


I like the current state, when linked references are at the bottom of a page, I think moving them to sidebar should be the option in settings


I agree that this should be an option.

Also, besides linked references, it would be great if there is an option to show scheduled/deadlines in daily journals to the right sidebar too.
Sometimes it gets buried down in the bottom (especially if you have default queries).

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It would be nice to either add a Today option to the menu bar at the top of the right-hand sidebar
i.e Today | Contents | Recent | Page Graph | Help
as I often find I prefer to see todays journal (todo’s etc) listed in the sidebar while I work on the task I’m focused on in the main window. Then t r to toggle the sidebar on/off.
However it is a process to open the today journal in the right-hand sidebar, currently I need to have a link to the journal page, then shift-click to open it in the right-hand sidebar. I would be nice if this was easier.

Perhaps having the menu configurable to show the pages the individual user would like, or the ability to add a query (a page with that query? i.e. Tasks overdue or due today)


Also it would be great if there can be a way to sort the linked reference.
There is filter but not sort (I think it is sorted by newest first under the hood?)