":sidebar" option in "::default-home" doesn't work for me. Does it for any of you?

Hello, time has come to have an actual “dashboard”-like page in the right sidebar but I seem not to be able to achieve it even if I am writing the name of the page as per the example in the config.edn file:

;; :default-home {:page "home", :sidebar ["Page A" "Page B"]}
:default-home {:page "Friday, 17.11.2023", :sidebar "Day_Plan"}

Reloading Logseq doesn’t show anything different than before, still seeing the Contents in the right Sidebar …

It does for me. I’m not 100% sure but I think the sidebar needs to be an array, even if it’s just one entry. Maybe try [ ] around the “Day_plan” entry. Also i have “home” for page since I assume you only get the current day with this.

I tried that way also, no luck.
It’sinteresting as the :page side works ok and I get as the Home Page each Day’s journal page but for the :sidebar I can’t get my Day_Plan.md page to show in the sidebar no matter what I do … I don’t know if internally they are treated by different functions and wjy one would work but not the other … :-/

Anyone have an idea where can I look for clues?

Did you restart Legseq? Again not absolutely sure but I think config.edn is not read again after ypu change something

yes, I did, after each try with quotes, without quotes, with extension, with no extension, with square brackets, without :slight_smile:

Happy to report that a reboot seems to have solved this. Woken up this morning and, upon firing up Logseq, Sidebar has the right page in there … :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW, I expected that this means that a new “tab”, besides Contents, Page Graph and Help will be there, not just a “Card” within the Sidebar as if I Shift-Clicked on the Favorites Page Name … :face_with_diagonal_mouth: