Simple Query: option to exclude context

Add an option to simple queries to spit out only the matching block without including the context (i.e., no parent and children blocks).

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My use case for this is to create a query that returns a top-level LATER item without displaying each of the sub-LATER items. For example:

{{query (and [[my-tag]] (todo LATER)}}

  • LATER large task #my-tag <— I only want this block to appear in the query
    • LATER do this first
    • LATER do this second
    • LATER do this last

I have a related need:

  • #Buy
    • Stuff for pizza
      • LATER Mozarella ← JUST WANT THIS LINE
      • LATER Superglue ← AND THIS LINE

I just want a table with the LATER lines in it

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@NickB I want to do the exact same thing! Did you find a solution?