Simple Query Sort-By does not work

I have two queries:

{{query (and (property type abbreviation) (sort-by updated-at asc))}}

{{query (and (property type abbreviation) (sort-by updated-at desc))}}

I see no difference in the sorting. I would have expected, that the order is the opposite when comparing both results, but it is the same.
What am i doing wrong compared to the docu?

Also, i want to use title as key for sort-by, but that does not work, too. According to the changelog any property should work.

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Can’t say why the above doesn’t work, but as a work-around you should be able to achieve the same by editing the (hidden) properties for the query block with an external editor.


- {{query (property type abbreviation)}}
  query-table:: true
  query-sort-by:: updated-at
  query-sort-desc:: true

(I have noted that if query-sort-desc:: isn’t given as well, no sorting at all will be done, in either direction.)