Simple Query with contains?

Hi guys.

I have a template for books that adds a few properties, one is tags:: book and the other is author::.
Some books have more than one author, and I specify it like: author:: Jez Humble, David Farley.
When I try to use a simple query to retrieve all pages tagged with book and with author being “Jez Humble” it does not work because it expects in this case author to be “Jez Humble, David Farley”.

What would be the correct way to specify multiple values for a property in this sense? it works for tags but not for the other properties.

And if there is no way, how can I query all books from one of those authors?


Welcome. Should either:

  • configure property author:: to behave like property tags::
    • Check entry :property/separated-by-commas inside file config.edn
  • use an advanced query