Simple way to drag and drop and/or export blocks as separate plain text files (for use in Scrivener/elsewhere)?

Looking for a simple way to copy a mass of blocks to Scrivener while keeping them as separate blocks (i.e. not all one page). Scrivener can deal with them separately as Scrivener notes.

I know if there was a way to drag and drop a set of blocks as a set of text files, that would automatically get converted to Scrivener notes. And that might be useful for other applications as well.

I’m not sure of what you mean, but have you tried to select multiple blocks > right click > copy as?

That won’t work, unfortunately. In order for it to go into scrivener as separate notes, they have to effectively be separate files. So for example if I dragged three files from finder into Scrivener, they would end up as three separate notes.

With “copy as” it gives me various options to alter the text, but it still is essentially all one block. So I would have to paste it into a single note in Scrivener.

If one could drag blocks into Finder and that would create separate text files, each file having one block, Scrivener would support that perfectly.

I suspect that could also be useful for anyone who wants to move blocks into other apps or into separate folders.