Single button filter to show/hide journal pages in linked references

One thing I really love about LogSeq as a previous Roam user is the clear separation between journals and pages.

I use my journals for very messy, stream of consciousness writing, with a lot of time stamps. Then I like to synthesize into more permanent pages.

I would like to be able to filter out all journal entries in linked reference with a single click.

Filters need some work to catch up to Roam. Over there, this could be done by nesting all DNP under a #Journals block.

But in LogSeq, it seems the available filters don’t actually capture all the pages and tags within the linked references.

+1 on this, rather than needing to filter out each date, i’d like to be able to filter page references to exclude all dates

Want this too please.

Yes! This would be amazing — I hope this feature gets added. My pages are already very messy with (500 pages in) because the page to page references are mixed up with the journal to page references, resulting in a mix of activity log + page relations.

Likewise I also want a single button to show “only on journal pages”, because I only put tags on journal blocks that are yet to be processed. After I’ve processed them and linked them to proper dedicated pages, I’ll remove the tags on the original blocks in journals. Such a button could certainly help when I’m processing “inbox”.

Please can we get this When i create a new page on a topic e.g. “Trust” I get pages of journal entries when i would like to see pages. It would help fill out these topic pages so much easier.

+10000 to this please. weekly 121 just mess up my people and project pages