Slow performance issues with large page (Bible) import from Roam

I’ve imported my Bible page from Roam Research and it is completely unusable in Logseq due to slow performance. Within this page there are ~32357 blocks (66 books + 1189 chapters + 31102 verses) where each book and chapter are pages. Verses are sub-blocks of the chapter page, and chapters are sub-blocks/pages of each book:

  • [[Matthew]]
    • [[Matthew 1]]
      • Matthew 1:1 …
      • Matthew 1:2 …

Would love for Logseq to have the capacity to support this.

I think most folks may not have a Bible in JSON around to test your bug.

It may be helpful for developers or other users to have access to the file to troubleshoot.


it is not even necessary to import the whole bible to reproduce this bug, the performance of logseq even on small files is already bad.
The biggest one I have has 1020 lines and 856 blocks, and every time I open it the program become very slow


An example file is needed. I and many users don’t have the same performance issue you are talking about. Just giving vague information without a way to reproduce the error will not help this getting fixed.


@hkgnp Is there a way to insert a file that’s not an image? I’m not aware of how to do so.

@Bad3r we don’t need condescension but if you don’t think my example was as specific as it gets, it’s laughable. Your comment directly contradicts @kiko’s and I’m seeing that my performance bug is not the only one. Plus, I’ve researched Logseq sufficiently to know that performance is a major complaint. Lastly, I had another friendly community user test my JSON file upload and the performance also proved to be atrocious. Dismissal of a bug simply based on your lack of understanding of it is quite interesting. Let me ask you - do you have a page with over 32000 blocks and 1255 sub pages for comparison?

Just for the record; This discussion was continued in discord:


yup, depending on the file the syntax is slightly different. what file are you thinking about?

Logseq does have performance issues with long pages, can you send the Bible page (either json or markdown) to my email address




At least 20 characters

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You have the entire Bible in a single page? I suspect you might have better results if you break it up. It might be enough to have one page for each book, or maybe split them by chapters if that’s not enough.

@LarryK That may be the workaround for now. Just wanted to maintain how I use it in Roam (see original post). I want to note that I can navigate through my Bible page, expand and collapse blocks and have a wholistic view from a single page in Roam so wanted to maintain continuity but understand that Logseq may just not be there yet.

I tried your first suggestion for the book, Genesis (50 chapters, 1533 verses). I have each chapter listed as a page and a parent block, and all verses for each chapter as children blocks. Hence, the Genesis page has 1583 blocks (1533+50) total. It performs better than the Bible page, obviously, but not in any satisfactory way (collapsing/expanding a chapter to show/hide its verses takes ~7 seconds).

I may have to insert each verse inside the chapter page per your last suggestion.

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I have a full PT bible in markdown
1 chapter per file (+1000)
1 line per verse

Indexing could be faster but hey it’s a lot of files!
Navigation is snappy and each chapter is responsive.
But when I made an index page is really slow to expand/collapse the books

Attached the to here

@pitermarx Are things better in the nightly version for you?

I just created this bible graph yesterday. I never used the nightly

Give the nightly version a try then. It should have some performance improvements.