[SOLVED] Text width in table format

I have a simple query that looks for a word:


Next to the page column there is an empty column where I can toggle type. But I don’t need that column. Is there a way to widen the block column so it pushes the page column as far to the right as possible?

You may experiment with a css rule like this one:

.custom-query-results .table-auto th:first-child {
  width: 100%
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Yep, that works fine.

However, it only shows the 1st level bullet: how can I include the children?
I tried leaving off th:first-child or changing it to nth-child, but neither work.

The levels of bullets seem irrelevant to the width of the column and css in general. Should provide more context to see what’s going on.

I am not sure what sort of context to provide. Let’s leave it for now.
I have marked your CSS-related reply as the solution.
Many thanks for your help.