Some pages created a few months ago show 1969 as creation date

It seems some of the pages I created months ago are being listed with a 1969 creation date. I went to view the actual files inside MacFinder thinking I could use the MacTerminal touch command to just change the creation date of these files but the creation date I see in finder for these files is correctly from a few months ago. This leads me to wonder: Where is LogSeq pulling 1969 from and how did this occur? And how should I remedy to get the proper file creation date?

It may be this is entirely on the wrong track, but I’m always cautious of times that are close to 00:00 hrs 1 January 1970 UTC as it’s the beginning of the Unix Epoch. All Unix like systems measure time in seconds from then and your 1969 time stamps look suspiciously like a the result of parsing/ conversion problem.
I’d file a bug report on GitHub. Be sure to say what OS you’re running on.