Some suggestion about the display of the Hierarchy section in the Tag page

If Tag has a lot of nested tags, the Hierarchy section will become a lot.

For example, for #Tech/SwiftUI, it has many child tags. The Hierarchy section will like this:

There are too many duplicate subpages, and the page structure cannot be clearly seen.

So I propose to display the parent tag and child tag respectively:

  1. For all parent tags of the current tag, since there is only one path to this tag, we can use the format like [[grandparent tag]] / [[parent tag]] / [[current tag]]. This clearly shows the relationship between the current tag and all its parent tags.

  2. For all child tags of the current tag, use {{namespace [[current tag]]}} to display the structure. This reduces the duplicate display.

The changed effect (from the stitching of two pictures):

Suggestion 2

Now that the Hierarchy section is displayed between the Linked Reference and the Unlinked Reference, can we put the Hierarchy section before them?

The Hierarchy of a tag is the property of the tag. It is as important as the rest contents in the page of the tag. I think it will be helpful to show a tag better. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply!

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