Some suggestions on task management for logseq

  1. The deadline and schedule date of a task can be consistent with the block properties at the UI level:
    for consistency at the UI level, it is recommended that scheduled and deadline also be used as a built-in block property, just like tag, alias, etc.

    as follows.

  2. Redesign of cyclic tasks:
    This many people have mentioned, I have thought about it myself today, and I do not know whether it is appropriate, I hope we can have a discussion about it:

  • 2.1 Current design: If a task is set as a recurring task, a logbook will be generated if the recurring task is clicked to complete (however, the content of the logbook cannot be displayed correctly at present), and the duration of the doing state and the recurring task time of the logbook are mixed together and cannot be clearly distinguished, which is somewhat disturbing.

    as shown in the figure:

  • 2.2 Expected design: After setting a todo as a recurring task, each time it is clicked, a completed todo is generated for that todo as its child block, and then the record of each todo is saved on the generated child block.

    as follows: