Sorry to be a newbie -- I can't figure out how to show the sidebar

Thanks! I did a search in the documentation but nothing came up. I am looking for a sidebar, like Remnote or Obsidian.

Click on the three horizontal lines (“hamburgon button”) located at the top right of the window.

Thanks. I wasn’t clear that was the sidebar. I was looking for what I think is called an outline of the pages.

It’s sounds like you’re talking about the sidebars in Obsidian and Remnote that show a list of pages in the database. Logseq intentionally doesn’t have that feature, although you could access your database from Obsidian and use the sidebar there (which is what I do). In Logseq, you can click on the three-dots menu and select “All Pages”, or you can use queries. You can also make use of the ‘Contents’ page to store links to frequently accessed pages.

Thanks Lucas! I did indeed point my logseq to my Obsidian folder to see how the two would work together. (I think I already am bumping the limit of what logseq can import, or more specifically, my Obsidian folder has a few hundred .md files, and I think logseq has difficulty searching as I type, with so many docs. But that’s another topic.)

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