Sort and Filter "All Pages"

The All Pages page is currently unusable for me with no rhyme or reason as to how the pages are ordered.

It’d be great to be able to sort and filter pages.

Adding created date, modified date, word count and mentions columns would be great too.

I can see the second column title"Last modified at", but the values are simply “No data”. Maybe they had a plan but forgot it.

Suggest adding new columns(created, journal or normal page, etc) and a filtering bar to filter out specific words.


Came here looking for this— I was wondering what the All Pages page is actually for.

Would I be right in thinking that some of the pages in the list are auto-generated (TODO, DONE, NOW, LATER, etc)? I imagine it’d be useful to have a way to hoist those to the top of the list (or hide them entirely) if so…

+1 I need this for some of my work flows. For instance to export all pages with certain tags. (The ability to select and export from filtered results is perhaps in need of a separate request?)

old mockup, there could be more columns as @Sarah_Arminta suggested

Available since the last few releases of Logseq. Thanks for the suggestion