Sort list items in place, preserve hierarchy

Hi, it occurred to me that a useful feature would be the ability to sort features in place.

Here is an example:

  • I have a list of names of people who have signed up for an informal potluck as children of “RSVP’d”
  • I highlight them and sort - possibly as a right-click option
  • Children of selected items would sort in place, under existing parents

Another way this could work is a page or any block element could have a reserved property “sorted” with values “true” and “false”. This would maintain sorting (or not) on the elements and be triggered once edit mode was exited.

The reason I have a “true/false” here is so you could exempt sub-lists from sorting (e.g. you might want the list of names sorted, but not the stuff each person was bringing to a potluck (children under their name).

Over time, the attribute sorted on could be indicated as a property (e.g. creation date of block, etc).