Spaced Repetition feature

This would put logseq IMO ahead of obsidian, Roam and probably even ahead of RemNote that still seems to struggle hard with its SRS algorithm.
Could be a simple system even - tag a block as “#srs” and it gets copied in the calculated journal page for the first review. There it gets two buttons assigned for “retained” or “failed”, clicking one of the buttons starts the appropriate recalculation for the next date and it will be sent to this day’s journal page.
For active recall I can imagine simple clozes like mochi cards does (also in Markdown): put the area that should be hidden into cloze brackets {}.

When the block appears for review, the content between the brackets is covered by grey color, when you click on the grey area, it shows the content. This way it’s also easy to put more than one cloze into a single block and open it one after another by clicking on them.
This should be sufficient for most use cases.

Including block children should be standard I guess.

Just an idea but could be useful for learning purposes and provide that notes one takes just get surfaced on a regular basis instead becoming otherwise “forgotten data”.

From @Tony365#7687 on discord:

Time Spaced Repetition ala Remnote

Hi there. I think the title pretty much explains the request here. Ideally it should equate with what Roam already has.

Not sure why there has been no feature request for this as the benefits for SRS are proven in peer reviewed articles. I don’t think notes by themselves can provide value if you’re ultimately gonna forget it anywau

This is indeed a useful idea. Thanks for bringing up!

It would be a great help for us college students.
hope you can add it to your roadmap.

Just starting uni and went looking for this. It would really be a killer feature

The initial SRS implementation has been released in the latest version of LS. Check it out here:

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