Spaced repetition for blocks (similar to Roam Research's Delta function)


I’ve just started exploring Logseq, after having used Roam Research for a while. I’m trying to figure out the best way I can set a block to repeat periodically, just like Roam’s delta function. I’m not a coder and I would like to figure out the swiftest way to be able to do this often since I use this function a lot.

What I would like to do is -

  • Set a block to repeat after (for example) 2 days from 28 Feb.
  • The block appears on the Journal page on 02 Mar.
  • Choose if I want the block to repeat again after 02 Mar. (in Roam it’s done by clicking the delta symbol)

What I don’t want to do / am unable to do is -

  • Turn it into a Flashcard
  • Turn it into a TODO item
  • If I try scheduling the block, any other block that I’ve already scheduled gets modified as well. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen. I would like to schedule each block on it’s own cycle.

I’d appreciated any inputs and ideas on this.


So I’ve been tinkering around a bit, and what I realised is that I can schedule blocks individually now. I had to close the desktop app and reopen it and that seemed to make it happen.

Am still wondering if there is any better way to do this, so open to ideas.